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Teresa Garcia Stateson

Teresa Garcia Stateson

Co-Author and Editor

Teresa, alias name Mama, is a co-author and editor. Mama ensures that each work flows with inspiration.

Mama is a praying mother of four boys and a mighty woman of the Lord. Outdoors, Mama likes gardening and yard work. In the kitchen she likes baking and cooking using authentic family Mexican recipes: sopa, empanadas, tamales, enchiladas, and carne guisada.


Most recently, Mama is enjoying her four hens. She calls them her chickababies. With an enjoyment for life, Mama majored in Biology.

Bio Stats

Maiden Name:       Teresa Garcia

Married Name:      Teresa Garcia Stateson

Ex-Husband:          Joseph Y. Stateson Jr.

                               of 35 years

Father:                    Miguel Massiatte Garcia

Mother:                  Maria Teresa Trevino Arocha

Children:                Keith Y. Stateson

                               Brian Y. Stateson

                               Jonathan Y. Stateson

                               Joseph Y. Stateson III

Date of Birth:         Top Secret

Eyes:                      On Christ

Race:                      Mexican-American

Languages:             Spanish (native)

                               English (fluent)

                               Hebrew (intermediate)


Dios Es Mi Salvador


B.A.    Biology

   Our Lady of the Lake University

   Minor in Chemistry


Certified Individual Tax Practioner (CITP)

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