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Bella the Little Grain of Sand

Part 1 of The Series of Bella and Ian


A little grain of sand named Bella wants to explore! With the help of a clam named Ian, Bella discovers something amazing.

SS Bella

Along the shoreline is a grain of sand, named Bella, who lives with her family underneath a pebble. One night a high tide rushes forth and collides with the pebble. Bella and her family awake to experience their first sunrise.


Bella’s family retreats back to the pebble, while Bella, being curious, decides to remain. Bella’s eyes began to adjust, “I can see!” she shouts. “But was I not seeing before?” she mused. The more she gazed at the sun’s light, the more she shined, and became brighter than all the other grains of sand.


In the warmth of the day, a soft breeze whispers, “Bella! Bella! I see you want to shine like the sun,” the wind speaks with sage words. Filled with curiosity, Bella ventures away from the pebble to see who is speaking, but she sees no one.


While pondering, a gust of wind comes forth and rolls Bella along the shoreline near the edge of the surf. “What a wonderful sight,” she exclaims, as she is astonished by all that her eyes can see.


Also in the bay dwells a clam named Ian who notices something glimmering above the surface of the water. Swimming closer, Ian sees that it is a grain of sand and that this grain is very different. Though he tries to draw closer, the ocean current keeps sweeping Ian back to the sea.


Once again the wind comes forth and Bella is carried away. “Stop, stop!” She cries, but the wind continues rolling her along the edge of the surf.


“Bella!” her family cries out, “Bella!” as they watch her leave beyond their sight.


After rolling many miles and seeing the great distance ahead, Bella begins to feel hopeless and helpless. “Countless are the grains,” says Bella, “and who am I among so many?” Thoughts of insignificance flood her mind and her brilliance begins to dwindle. And Bella begins missing her family.


In the meantime, Ian the clam, has not given up and continues to follow Bella from a distance. Yet each time he attempts to draw closer, the undercurrent sweeps him back to the sea. Tired from his travels, Ian takes rest upon a coral reef.


At that very moment, the wind comes to a halt and the little grain of sand tumbles forward. As the waves get closer and closer, Bella glances upward at the wave that is suddenly reaching for her.


“I’m sinking! I’m sinking!” Screams Bella. As much as she tries to stay afloat, the current continues to carry Bella further and further into the sea, and her energy drains away. Sinking into the briny depths, the ocean pressure grows stronger and darker. Bella gasps for her last breath and then sinks into the briny depths of the sea.


While the creatures of the sea marvel at what is glimmering, Ian quickly glides toward Bella. 


When Bella awakes, she finds herself in a dark and cold place and she cannot see a thing. Though she tries to move, she cannot. “Where am I?” She asks, but there is no answer. Alone and tired, needing rest, Bella closes her eyes hoping it is just a dream.


Upon awakening, Bella finds out that she still cannot see. “Help me!” She yells, “Help help-” she pauses, as she feels a vibration. “I’m trapped!” Bella screams, “Where am I?”


“No need to shout or be afraid little grain. I am Ian. I can help you.”


“Then get me out of this place and take me to my shore. I miss my family.” Says Bella


“If only I could reach the shoreline but the current is just too powerful. Why not stay here for a transformation, and with patience we will grow together.”


“Okay!” Bella agrees, pondering what Ian meant, “by the way, my name is Bella.”


“Bella, it will take time but be forewarned that many have give up because they were not willing to suffer the transformation.”


“Then we can explore together.” Bella encourages.


Each day they both grew and become stronger. Also, a small portion of Ian’s shell turns translucent, allowing Bella to glimpse through.


As more time passes by, Bella longs for the sunlight she had seen. For while it had been dark and cold underneath the pebble, things seemed much worse now. Bella feels, once again, her life has become endlessly dark. Unable to cope, she cries out, “I want to see!”


“Just a little longer.” Ian encourages.


Both Ian and Bella grew, stronger and stronger, day by day, until one day, Ian was able to push through the current and swims toward the shoreline. Ian opens up his shell and out rolls Bella.


Along the shore, Bella sees the countless grains of sand staring at her with amazement. Bella hears them say: “She is gorgeous!” “She’s dazzling!” “I want to look just like her!”


Bella wonders whom they are speaking of and why they are gaping at her. “Am I not like one of them? I am just one of many,” so she thought.


Just then, she hears a voice coming from Heaven that utters, “Bella, Bella, truly there are many grains throughout all the Earth, yet very few become a pearl!”


Author: Keith Yrisarri Stateson

Creative Editors: Teresa Garcia Stateson, Aniekan Udoh

Editors: Teresa Garcia Stateson , Aniekan Udoh, Dr. Rachel Yeatts

© 21August2021

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