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Poèmes pour enfants : Collection 1

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Pepito es un perrito

Muy lindo con un gran corazon

Le doy un abrazo

Y un besito de pilon

Veo sus ojositos, color cafecitos 

Sus ladras son distinctas y muy suavesitas

Le compro antojitos, y disfruta sus huesitos  

Me trae mucha alegria 

y con mucha energia, 

Se da una vuelta y el comienza a bailar 

Este perrito, es muy especial

Yo quiero a Pepito, el es un Angelito, a todo dar.

(English Translation)

Pepito is a little, tiny Chihuahua Dog

Very cute and has a very good heart

I look into his eyes, their brown as can be

They surely do shine, like the morning star

He surely is a blessing, bringing joy to my heart

I send him hugs and kisses

His barks are distinctive

This dog is blessed, I buy him little snacks

He sure does love to chew on those tasty bully sticks

He gets all excited, does the Hocky Pocky and turns himself around

He dances like a merry-go-round, that goes round and round

I am so happy to have him around

As tiny as he is, Pepito surely is

The bravest dog in town.

Summary. Pepito is a cute, tiny, little brown Chihuahua dog, who belongs to our friendly neighbor next door. I am very fond of Pepito. Pepito's bark is soft and low. It was Pepito's bark that attracted me to him. Pepito stands up to the loud barking of other dogs, as he challenges them up and down the fence. What a brave little Chihuahua. I started singing to Pepito and so this song was born.

The original version is in Spanish and has been translated into English.


Author and Translator: Teresa Garcia Stateson

Editor: Connie Garcia Trevino

© 25Aug2023. 7Nov2023 1st Publication.

The Way Home.png

Il y a un bébé canard

Il essaie de rejoindre sa maison

Pour suivre maman canard

être en famille

Mais a vacillé beaucoup trop lentement


Ne sachant pas qu'il pouvait voler

Il ne sait que marcher

Peu importe où il va

Il s'enlise dans la boue

Il s'enfonce dans la neige


Au fil des jours et des jours

Il vient de se rendre compte

Je peux voler dans le ciel

je peux tout voir

Et trouver mon chemin de retour à la maison

Summary. A little duckling is born and soon after he feels forgotten. The duckling is overwhelmed with disappointment from his low stature until he learns something extraordinary.

Poem is based upon the short story "Kibbee, Part 1"

Accompanying children's song is "Lucky Ducky"



Joseph Y. Stateson

Keith Yrisarri Stateson


À déterminer ​

© 4mai2021 1ère publication Keith Yrisarri Stateson


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