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Collection 1

No summary.

Amalia desires love, but her quills are much too sharp that one should venture near. Yet she remains hopeful for someone to overlook the pain necessary to love her.

A little penguin named Atalee is born in a frosty land. She glances around wondering who and what she is, and ponders why she is created. Even though Atalee tries to speak, she cannot utter any words to express the joy of being alive.

No summary.

Swallowing the souls of man, deep darkness takes captive the ignorant. Yet, there is strength to escape its perils and snares. Darkness has taken its stand with you or against you. Therefore, stand in the light, less darkness overtakes you.

In a world of darkness there exists the light that came into being in this world. Taking a stand against darkness the light seemingly died and then had risen so that all who have this light might conquer darkness.

No summary.

A little seed is born and finds itself buried in the dust of the earth. It does not know what to do or how to live, but live it tries. As the seed emerges from darkness, it sees the light of the sun of God and begins to transform.

Great and powerful is Mama’s responsibility to raise and nurture her little baby for everlasting life.

Pepito is a very cute brown Chihuahua dog, who belongs to my neighbor next door. I am very fond of Pepito’s bark, it’s soft and low. And so, I started singing to Pepito and so this song was birthed.

A little duckling named Kibbee is born and soon after he feels forgotten. The duckling is overwhelmed with disappointment from his low stature until he learns something extraordinary.


Collection 2

Coming 2023

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