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In the cold icy snow, a little penguin, long awaited, is created.

With her first breath to refresh,

she wobbles around like a musical sound,

yet she weeps, with none to meet,

pondering why she is born.

Shivering on the rink, she blinks and blinks as flurries of snow begin to flow.

As the cold icy snow caresses her crest, the best is yet.

Her heart begins to yearn and around she turns.

Her eyes glow ever so,

as she looks above, falling in love

with great amaze, upon her mother’s stunning gaze.

This cuddly penguin, named Atalee, is the prize to her mother’s cries

for her mother knowingly, is most wise.

Her mother slides to her child’s side, shedding tears of cheer,

freezing, as they bounce upon her cheeks.

Her mother presses, ever near.

Atalee huddles and she cuddles from the ever so cold puddle.

With attempts to speak, she can only squeak.

With reprise, she cries, that she cannot utter how much she loves her.

Instead, they behold and their love begins to enfold.

O yes, so meek, so sweet and mystique.

Atalee's little beak snaps for snack,

without hesitation and without any lack,

for Atalee's favor does not waiver.

Soft and tender, despite the hindering of the long winter,

Atalee grows and thus she knows

her stunning gaze brings great amaze.

Being blessed, she does well to fluoresce.

Her voice engenders, in great splendor.

As seasons come and seasons go, her emotions submerge in the ocean

until time arrives to rendezvous.

Spinning her fin, she swims to the rim

that is the clue she did pursue.

Not being bound to the sea,

but aground to be found

for she is love bound,

having a feat of joy to meet a boy.

Her eyes, being now the prize.

Seeking one vow,

who will dare to bow?


Summary. A little penguin named Atalee is born in a frosty land. She glances around wondering who and what she is, and ponders why she is created. Even though Atalee tries to speak, she cannot utter any words to express the joy of being alive.

Author: Keith Yrisarri Stateson

Creative Editor & Editor: Teresa Garcia Stateson

© 30April2021

All Things

All things

Exist from one who is artistic

Artistic because he is gifted

Gifted so that he may create

Create because he himself is created

Created in the image of his Creator

The Creator is the image of

All things

Exist for it originated

Originated yet without ending

Ending because it is impossible

Impossible since Spirit is boundless

Boundless by the imagination of his Creator

The Creator imagines

All things

Exist yet without a beginning

Beginning because it is unfeasible

Unfeasible that the Creator is bound by time

Time is given so we might believe

Believe in a life lived with his Creator

The Creator gives life to

All things

Exist with energy that is unlimited

Unlimited to he who has faith

Faith to accomplish wonders

Wonders that display His power

Power wielded by one who loves his Creator

The Creator loves

All things

Exist because it is valued

Valued since it is immeasurable

Immeasurable as it is inspired with passion

Passion of an intense ability to attract

Attract with utter desire by his Creator

The Creator desires

All things

Exist as it is formed

Formed beyond days of antiquity by way realization

Realization from the key of knowledge

Knowledge with an understanding of purpose

Purpose that is given to all things by his Creator

The Creator is

All things

Exist because I Am

All things

Summary. Existing beyond time and imbuing life with energy and value is the creator who creates in his own likeness. This poetic journey explores the interconnectedness across realms and ultimately leads to the profound realization.

Author: Keith Yrisarri Stateson

© 14June2021

In the Beginning

In the beginning was the Word

and the Word created the cosmos.

Into existence, life was conceived,

conceived by the power of inspiration.

Through inspiration came revelation

and revelation led to a realm beyond a realm.

With the journey ahead came faith,

and faith led to the greatest discovery:

the Author of Life.

Summary. Poetic stanzas delving into the tapestry of imagery and emotions to unveil a realm beyond comprehension.

Author: Keith Yrisarri Stateson

Creative Editor & Editor: Teresa Garcia Stateson

© 3May2021

Amalia the Little Porcupine Part 1

There lived a porcupine that desired love

only to hurt those it wanted to love

For when it drew near it would not cheer

that life should produce tear after tear

Its dreadful spines were much too fine

that one so kind enter the fray much less to play

But it too was afraid

that it might fade without love’s aid

Its cry would not die as if they were dry

for by the pier were tears sprinkled near

Did no one care? And why should love despair?

that not even one could share

For beyond its spears that caused tears

and beneath its quills that twilled great fear

Was the form of something warm

a tender heart that was falling apart

It once tried to kiss but it was dismissed

            still it had its wish that someday it would be kissed

Yet the little porcupine would not stay in pine

            for it was meant to shine before ends time

Summary. Amalia desires love, but her quills are much too sharp that one should venture near. Yet she remains hopeful for someone to overlook the pain necessary to love her.

Author: Keith Yrisarri Stateson

Illustration: Korosh Mahmoodi, DALL·E, Keith Yrisarri Stateson

© 23June2021

Baby's Mother

Cold, yet warm a child is born

He knows not of what he should say

All throughout his eyes are at gaze

Nurtured day and night with delight

Mother will gather all her might

Even though hungered she may go

In her arms her child will grow

Inexpressible sounds he speaks

Cherished are the words that are heard

She dreams what her child will be

Before long he crawls, then he walks

Who other than to his mother

Summary. Through challenges and sacrifices is the irreplaceable role of a mother in her child's life. Mother’s baby celebrates this unconditional love.

Author: Keith Yrisarri Stateson

Creative Editor & Editor: Teresa Garcia Stateson

© 19May2021


It knows no boundary

Consumes without end

With treasure, it will entice

With pleasure, it will keep you

With prickly blades does it embrace

And with great delight, it follows you

With abundance, it satisfies your needs

Like rotten fruit does it taste, yet tastes swell

Knowing not the loss nor the harm nor the ruin

It is nowhere to be found in times of desperate need

But whispers in your ear, shadowing cries you do not hear

Screams of thoughts to escape but it becomes much too late

Too dark to see, one cannot flee from the ever-deep darkness within

Summary. Swallowing the souls of man, deep darkness takes captive the ignorant. Yet, there is strength to escape its perils and snares. Darkness has taken its stand with you or against you. Therefore, stand in the light, less darkness overtakes you.

Author: Keith Yrisarri Stateson

© 25May2021

Little Seed

Like a little seed that lives beneath

It does not yet understand

It does not yet see the light


Like a mother’s womb

Her belly grows with life inside

The child is yet to understand

Because the child does not yet know


And so, the seed grows

It emerges from the darkness of the earth

It catches sight of wonderful trees, sky high

It notices many flowers and shrubs

It can know see many things

Yet it wonders what it will be


And so, the child is born

He absorbs warmth and milk

Nursing from his mother

Strength from his father
While the child gives nothing

He receives everything so that he may grow


Having sprouted, the seed sees that the sun is good

It absorbs the light as it rises upward

And with water and soil, the sprout continues to grow


The child learns to communicate

He knows he is dependent

As he is guided, he gains understanding

And he begins to listen and obey


Having become a sapling, the seed tries to bear fruit

It tries again and again

It wonders why as years pass by

Soon it realizes that it is not able to do so

It is not mature because it is not full grown


The child gathers knowledge

He notices that he is smaller and weaker

He wonders why

But then understands that he is a child

He is not full grown because he is not mature


The sapling becomes stronger and taller

With deeper roots it is no longer shallow

Through many seasons it has endured

And now it thrives regardless the season


As the years pass along

The little seed sees that it is very different

It once saw itself as a seed, a sprout, then a sapling

But now it has become a tree

Likewise, the child sees that he is very different

He no longer sees himself as a child

So then, both the seed and the child acquire patience

Then, at the proper time, life springs forth


The tree buds

It says to itself, I am ready to bloom and produce fruit

It knows it has matured


The child is now a young man

He says to himself, I have a strong desire

With eyes set on a young woman

The man seeks unity

He seeks to become one


The young woman yearns for affection

Like a beautiful flower, she says, I am desired

Her bosom, ready to nurture

Her belly, ready for life


Love begins like a little seed

With patience and endurance, it grows

To become what it is meant to be


Though many years may pass along

The patience of waiting must be fulfilled

If you desire that I enjoy your fruit

You must mature in love


I am your Creator

I created love

And I am in love

Summary. A little seed is born and finds itself buried in the dust of the earth. It does not know what to do or how to live, but live it tries. As the seed emerges from darkness, it sees the light of the sun of God and begins to transform.

Author: Keith Yrisarri Stateson

© 27May2021



Into existence I came

But is existence forever?

If I did not create myself, then in whose mind and heart was I upon?


Who thought to design me?

Did someone desire me?

Surely someone put much forth effort to create me


By what means was I created?

And for what purpose?

And why was I not inquired?


I was weak, I could have been stronger

I was poor, I could have been richer

I was worthless, I could have been worth a little more


Would I not have made a better me?

Yet, I was made the way I am

I am alive


I can breathe, I can see, and I can eat and drink

Someone most certainly sought to look after my needs

I was given a mind to think, but a heart that struggled to love


As a babe I entered into the world, helpless and in great need

I could not walk nor talk, and neither could I feed myself

I was naked, vulnerable, and could not have survived, I was utterly dependent


Yet survive I did, as I was cared for by someone I did not yet know

Provided shelter and food in a home that I did not build

I did not know love, yet loved I was


Like nature, I grew

Like nature, I too would mature

Like its many seasons, I also had to endure


More than nature was my soul

I was different unlike anything else created on earth

I was made in the image of my Maker


I was fashioned by His hands

Imbedded with great need for Him

That’s when my life began


Like a babe, I began life anew

I could see what I could not see before

I could hear that which I had not recognized


Like a newborn, I became a child in the image of He who preexisted

I was loved with a greater love than I had ever known

A greater peace than what the world gives


I was created with purpose in my Maker

To serve and to meet Him by having believed in Him

Had I only known that every time I breathed, I was breathing in God’s love for me


Summary. In a world of darkness there exists the light that came into being in this world. Taking a stand against darkness the light seemingly died and then had risen so that all who have this light might conquer darkness.

Author: Keith Yrisarri Stateson

© 20May2021

Mama Dearest

In times of hardship

In times of sorrow

Mama teaches not to fear


In times of joy

In times of love

Mama is ever near


If there be distress

Or loneliness

Mama sees every tear


If there be adversity

Or catastrophe

Mama’s love remains year by year


Should there be an end

Or no beginning

Mama’s love will still appear


Should I travel this way

Or travel that way

My footsteps, Mama will hear


Mama who gives life

Mama who nurtures life

No other is so sincere


Before expression of words

Or having understood

Cries and cheer were in Mama’s ear


Mama who loves life

I am alive

To bless your soul

Summary. Great and powerful is Mama’s responsibility to raise and nurture her little baby for everlasting life.

Author: Keith Yrisarri Stateson

© 6May2021



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