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Little Heart, Part 1


Little Heart is happy to be born yet little did it know of the challenges that laid before it. It learns that it is not accepted because others see it as weak and timid. The question remains whether it is possible to live without love.

Little Heart Part 1.png

A little heart was born.

It was small so it was overlooked.

It looked different so it was found unattractive.

It was timid and no one interacted with it.


Every day the little heart traveled to the town square, but it remained alone.

It had the warmest smile and the greatest desire

yet others would not help it grow, so it continued to feel small and unlovely.


Through the years it became sad.

It searched through distant lands…

…never finding a friend, it became faint and weary and decided to return.

By now, the little heart felt defeated.


I traveled into town to find the little heart that I had created.

I asked around, yet no one knew its name.

After searching through the countryside, I still couldn’t find it.

Returning to the square, a sharp intense pain pierced me.


At the entrance was a broken heart lying on the ground.

It was face down, trampled with footsteps all over it.

It was dusty and looked as if it had never been touched.

It was broken and looked as if it had never been shown affection.


Peering closer, I noticed a wound on its left side.

There was also a scar on the right.

I looked inside… and as I thought: it was empty.


I was filled with sadness, a sadness that could not be quelled.

I had sent this little heart to a place where it would grow,

but no one acknowledged it.

All were so busy, not one noticed it was dying on the ground.


Its purpose was to serve others,

to provide a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

Yet no one wanted to love the little heart.

No one perceived it as worthy of their time or their help.


I took it and set it upon its feet.

Its head was down and its eyes were closed.

I lifted up its chin and it opened its eyes;

great was the discouragement I saw.


It had trouble standing, but I taught it how to stand.

It had trouble walking, but I held it by the hand.

With all its might it clung to me.


I placed it in the rain to wash away its pain;

set it in the sun so it would shine with brightness;

placed it in the garden that it would grow with beauty;

I kept it near me so that it would know it was desired.


It was shy but now it is fearless,

efflorescing like a flower in spring.

It thought it would never be loved,

but now others will desire it for its love.


It has the strength to do well and to do all that it wants,

but will it choose to stay with me?

I desired it when it was weak;

I picked it up while others passed it by.


It was wounded, but I healed it;

scarred for life, but I restored it.

It was small and thought to be worthless;

now it has become my greatest prize.


If it chooses to stay, we will grow together.

I will teach it all that I know.

I will give it all that I have.

If it loves me, I will show it even greater things.


Author and Illustrator: Keith Yrisarri Stateson

Creative Editors: Teresa Garcia Stateson, Aniekan Udoh

Editors: Teresa Garcia Stateson, George Stateson, Aniekan Udoh, Dr. Rachel Yeatts

© 14February2019

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